Why we're the best option for your structural work in Wigan

Structural works on a building are a job you only want to leave to the most talented, professional and experienced builders with a proven track record of past work. Lucky for you, our building team has all three of those! We have worked with brick, cement, wood and most importantly steel, throughout our company's trading. We have also worked on all building types: commercial, domestic, heritage and industrial, so we're fully aware of our limitations and challenges for each job when we're quoting a potential customer so nothing takes us by surprise!

When you contact us for a free, no obligation quote, we will ask you a few questions about what it is exactly that you need, some questions about your property, why the works are being done and we'll quote you from there. We don't have any hidden costs, we charge what we quote (unless of course you'd like to add some extra works on!), and we're always very open and transparent about our timelines for work.

So whether you need structural repairs, or just want to add on the foundations for a new extension, then get in touch with us now!

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